Which Vehicles Require STAR Smog Testing? 

 Here’s a quick summary of which vehicles need to be tested at a STAR certified smog station:
  • All Vehicles of model year 1999 or older require smog testing at a STAR certified station. 
  • Some vehicles of Year 2000 model year and above require STAR, based on their model, make, engine, and previous test history. Note that vehicle are excused from Smog Check until it is seven model-years old. 

Why do 1999 and older vehicles require STAR certified stations? 

These vehicles require a tailpipe inspection of their emissions and STAR stations are required to have the tailpipe testing equipment.

What determines which 2000 model year and newer vehicles require a STAR certified test? 

Models that are six years old, or less, do not require any emissions testing. Aside from this, the smog check history of vehicle groups based on model-year, make and model, body style, engine displacement, and transmission type will be assessed to determine which vehicles require STAR testing. The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) is required by California State law to classify a certain percentage of vehicles as directed vehicles (requiring emissions testing at a STAR certified station)

STAR Directed Vehicles in the Enhanced Area

Within the enhanced area, vehicles which are classified under HEP (High emitter profile) based on vehicle characteristics as more likely to fail must be tested at a STAR certified station.

Secondly, 2% of vehicles in the enhanced areas are directed to STAR certified stations for STAR program evaluated purposes.



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